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Healthy Eating at Palmer

Our school is committed to supporting students and their families to make healthier lunchbox choices. We adhere to our school’s Healthy Food Supply and Nutrition Policy, that is based on Right Bite Food guidelines, for foods offered by the school as lunch orders or for special days. We encourage students and families by explicitly teaching students about food choices and by implementing activities that sustain the learning. We offer information to families to assist at home and work closely with community groups, such as O.P.A.L to maximize the resources available to us. Please see the links below for more information.

Download File Size File Type
Australian guide to healthy eating 305 KB Adobe PDF
Healthy eating guide (2015) 195 KB Adobe PDF
Healthy school lunches 860 KB Adobe PDF
Right Bite: Healthy food and drink supply 506 KB Adobe PDF

eating healthy foodeating healthy food